Over the past two decades, the Quicksteps Base Ball Club of Minnesota (Minnesota’s First Vintage Club) has been a leader in presenting the game of base ball (yes, two words) according to the rules of 1860.  Primarily due to the efforts of founder, and first Manager, Bob Tholkes, the Quicksteps have attempted to present the game in as authentic a manner as possible.  Over time various rules and customs have been found to not represent the game as it would have been actually played.  As these issues have been identified, efforts have been made to either eliminate the errors, or correct the problem.

It is one of the important issues in history, that constant research brings us closer and closer to a truely authentic demonstration of the game for audiences.  I suspect that this effort will be ongoing, so that the game a viewer might have seen in the year 2000 may be different than the one presented in 2010, and still different than the game you will see in 2015.

Every effort will be made to either update the play audiences will see, or at least make sure viewers understand the points that are non-authentic.  When you look at the schedule of play, you will note that matches are either listed as “authentic” or as “vintage”.  If you attend an “authentic” match, it means that the play will be as close to authentic as we have been able to research and impliment.  If you attend a “vintage” match, it means that there are issues of authenticity, but we will attempt to share what is authentic, and what may be inaccurate, and why the inaccuracy exists.

Most of all, we hope that you will come out, enjoy the matches, and support the Original 1860 Base Ball Club of Minnesota.

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