Welcome to the 2018 Quicksteps

The 2017 Quicksteps season saw the addition of several new players, a couple new venues and most of all a great deal of fun for all the members of the team.  So much so that the Manager didn’t really have time to do much with the site.  We apologize to those who went to the site looking for statistics and a list of upcoming events.  Hopefully, the upcoming season will see better use of this website.

The 2018 season promises to be another exciting year.  So far, we have had the team offseason meal and meeting.  Several Quicksteps traveled to Rochester in early April for our version of spring training.  The first newsletter has been published.  The Facebook page has been updated several times.  For those who wish to follow the Quicksteps on Facebook, type in Quicksteps BBC.  We hope you will come out and see us play.


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