August 2016 Events

First, the image on the top of this page is from the 2016 Pipestone Civil War Days event.  The Quicksteps thank them for allowing us to use the image.

I have gotten a bit behind with updates.  Life is sometimes like that.  My apologies.

The Quicksteps have already had two events with a great new event to come!

Again, the Quicksteps were involved in the Scott/Carver Thresher Event, near Jordan.  It is always a great time to play 1860 Rule Base Ball!  A good crowd watched The Quicksteps, Mankato Baltics and the Arlington Greys, again, compete on a wonderful field on the grounds of the Thresher Association event.

Next, The Quicksteps traveled to Pipestone to take part in the Pipestone Civil War Days event.  This year three teams took to the field.  The Quicksteps, The Westerns of Topeka, Kansas and The Henderson Brothers, a Minnesota Based Fife and Drum Corp, who have come to truely enjoy 1860 Rules Base Ball, but do not consider themselves an active team.

Next, on August 27, the Quicksteps will be at the Richfield History Center, 6901 Lyndale Ave S, Richfield, MN 55423. For that event, I am going to be doing an educational talk/demonstration starting at 1 pm.  I haven’t decided what all I will cover.

At 2 pm, there will be a Ladies Quicksteps match against whoever we can get to show up.  Ray Hanson is helping to get enough ladies to form two teams.  If you are interested, let myself know by using the email contact post below, Rosie Dotson through the Ladies Quickstep Facebook page, or Ray Hanson.  He can also be found on Facebook and goes by the nickname “Stasche”.

At 3 pm, The Quicksteps will take on a local team from the Richfield United Methodist Church.  Come out and cheer on your favorite group(s)!!!

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