July 2016 Events

July sees the Quicksteps play 3 events.

The Quicksteps will become the “Eagle Creek Quicksteps” as we play on the 4th of July, Independence Day, at The Landing near Shakopee.  Play will commence at 11:30 am.  Players will participate in the annual Independence Day Parade in Eagle Creek.  After the parade, speeches will be made, and players will return to the field of play for a typical 19th century lunch.

The second match is a match added to the original schedule.  The Quicksteps will take on our ancient rivals, The St. Croix of Stillwater at 3:00 pm in Osceola, Wisconsin before a “wood bat” league game.  The Address is on 7th Ave. and Summit Street, Osceola, Wisc.  Located at Oakey Park, home of the Osceola Braves.

The third event is a series of matches to be held at Old Athletic Field in Stillwater.  The order of play for the Quicksteps is:

1pm St. Croixs vs. Quicksteps

4pm Quicksteps vs. Afton

A woman’s match is being planned for noon.  The teams involved will be The Lady Quicksteps and a team from Afton.